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Easter Sunday 2020 - Sunday 12th April

 Point of Sale Designs 

Point of sale material is available as hard copy posters or as digital files (either portrait, landscape or both).  If you would like your logo to appear, simply provide us a high res image.

Design Code: EAS11

Design Code: EAS12

Design Code: EAS13

Design Code: EAS14

Design Code: EAS15

Design Code: EAS16

Infomration on point of sale is customised with your venues specific giveaway details.  

 Images of Prizes 

These prizes form part of the promotional concepts or can be purchased on their own. 

These Images are samples of the style of prize.  Slight variations will occur due to seasonal availablity of products and baskets.

 Promotional Campaign Packages 

These campagins can be modified to add more prizes or to include a Big Ticket Item or an Experience as a major prize.  Additional point of sale material can be purchsed if required.

Mini Campagin Small Campaign Medium Campaign Large Campagin Massive Campagin All Inclusive Campaign Kids Colouring Competition Egg Counting Competition
 Additional Addons 

1kg Solid Eggs

Milk Chocolate Bars
$2.50 each
Boxes of 25

Media USB $35
Includes Jpegs for Social Media and in-Venue TV monitors

To place an order call us on 1800 566 433 or submit our order request form and a promotion specialied will contact you to finalise your request.